How does music change our lives?

How does music change our lives?

Music is the art that accompanies us since we are born; emotions, important moments and people are associated with music. It improves empathy, helps people to relate, and can change people emotionally, helps to work on emotions and encourages connections between people.

Also, music is a way of life, affects every day simple actions such as how much money we spend, what we consume, fashion trends, social behaviors, among others.

Music is a medicine

Listening to music puts the brain to work in certain activities, and making music activates almost the entire brain at the same time, especially the motor, visual and auditory parts.

Strengthens brain functions, combines linguistic and mathematical precision, in addition, the corpus callosum, which in simpler words is the bridge that joins the two hemispheres of the brain, allowing musicians to solve problems effectively and creatively, and they also can create, store and retrieve memories faster than others. It could be defined as the favorite anesthesia of most of the population.

Listening to music has many health benefits, it can change a person’s life in many ways, like everyday life, mood, thoughts and aspirations.

It is so powerful that it can change the entire life of a person who is dedicated to it, such as musicians, singers, critics, among others.

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain”
-Bob Marley

Music gets along with children and elderly people

Music also accompanies the elderly and children; brings with it a positive effect on them, stimulates memories, sensations, exercises the ear to avoid hearing loss, among others.

And for children, music is the best ability for memory, attention and concentration, it boosts intelligence and improves their ability to solve problems, it is a great way to express themselves and learn new things, such as new words, pronunciation or even another language.

“Music is a world within itself, it is a language that we all understand."
Stevie wonder.

Music is the most direct art

It is one of the most beautiful expressions of the human being, it manages to immediately transmit sensations that other artistic forms may not reach, it is composed of a system of sounds, melodies and rhythms that mix with each other and forms an infinity of music possibilities.

Music reaches the most intimate of the human being, and sometimes it serves as a bridge that allows the passage of feelings, experiences and ideas of the artist or performer, connecting with those who consume their art, becoming identified.

Now, why is it important to learn music? … to communicate much easier, because it will be easier to express ourselves, where a very important social element comes in, we enjoy music as much as we enjoy doing every day and simple things, such as eating, sleeping, or doing something that you are passionate about.

Music is intangible, it enters within you and transforms you from the inside, there is no such thing as basic and at the same time complex and beautiful as music. Music is a powerful art.

“All art constantly aspires towards the condition of music”
-Walter Pater

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