Diego Sanchez

Teaching: Audio production for beginners, Guitar, Piano and Ukelele
Levels: Beginners
Ages: All
Genres:  All

Available: Days and hours subject to the teacher’s availability.
Duration: 30 mins and a 1-hour class.

Packages: Piccolino (Only if you’re exploring a new instrument, 10 weeks program), Rebel (Made for kids and parents having school holidays, 4 terms program), and Rock Start Membership (Exclusive for students who want to keep learning, 1-year membership)

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*Lessons start any time regardless of school terms. To find other available times please complete the Expression of Interest form to contact the teacher.


Diego Sanchez is an Audio Engineer and Audio Producer with more than 8 years of experience in the Music Industry.
Known for his “One-Man-Band” Projects, where he would play several instruments on stage, cycling through Keyboards, Synths, Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Drums, Percussions, Vocals, and even Kazoo.
As an Audio Engineer, he’s got knowledge and experience in several instruments and music theory, which makes him a great teacher for Beginners to intermediate students, especially the ones who are interested in recording and producing songs.
With a double degree in Music Production & Audio Engineering, his knowledge excels in multiple musical arrangements, genres, and styles.
He also holds a diploma in Electronic Music Production and Video Mapping, for those interested in computer-based music.
He’s also known to be a patient, adaptive, gentle, respectful and empathetic teacher.