Joaquin Brahm

Joaquin Brahm - Tuition

Teaching: Guitar, Piano and Ukulele
Levels: Beginner to Advance
Ages: All
Genres:  All

Available: Days and hours subject to the teacher’s availability.
Duration: 30 mins and a 1-hour class.

Packages: Piccolino (Only if you’re exploring a new instrument, 10 weeks program), Rebel (Made for kids and parents having school holidays, 4 terms program), and Rock Start Membership (Exclusive for students who want to keep learning, 1-year membership)

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*Lessons start any time regardless of school terms. To find other available times please complete the Expression of Interest form to contact the teacher.


Joaquin is an experienced music teacher with skills in different areas of education. His aim is to provide students with the tools to achieve meaningful aptitudes for life through music. He adapts to the need of the students making it easier for them to learn and enjoy their students. His music skills vary between guitar, piano, and percussion.
Joaquin holds a bachelor’s degree in Guitar from the Modern Music School in Chile, and a bachelor’s degree in music from the Pontifical Catholic University. From the same University, he got a distinguished degree as Music Professor back in 2014.
In his experience, Joaquin has years of experience teaching kids in kindergarten (3 and 4 years old), and kids at school from 5 to 12 years old. He is a well-recognised Batucada* teacher in South America. He has traveled around the world sharing his musical knowledge and getting experience from the best musicians in the area. He is professionally qualified to teach adults too.
Batucada is a substyle of samba and refers to an African-influenced Brazilian percussive style, usually performed by an ensemble.